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Lifted: A Ski Film for The Rest of Us

LIFTED: A wintertime love story exploring the universal attraction between skier, boarder and mountain. From first chair to flamingo days, from deep powder to epic corduroy, “Lifted: A Ski Film for the Rest of Us” celebrates athletes and amateurs of all shapes and styles. Have craft mountains become endangered? Or are hometown hills an eternal source of stoke and adventure for generations to come? Pull out the long underwear and grab a beer as we follow one community’s quest to get LIFTED.

Flow: Elements of Freeride

Follow Geophysicist Rex Flake on a high-adrenaline mountain bike ride through the Cascade Mountains as he identifies the flora, fauna, and geology of this cinematic region and explains how all these individual elements come together to create the experience of 'Flow'. Uniquely edited without the typical hard core soundtrack, Flow uses creative graphics and sound design to bring the viewer uncomfortably close to the action. 

Era of Megafires

A Lot of Fuss About a Parade

This feature length documentary follows the 2018 Apple Blossom royalty selection process as well as the events of 2018 Festival. The result of extensive research into the Wenatchee Valley’s history in respect to the Apple Blossom Festival, tracking its evolution from 1920 to present day, the film pays tribute to the people who started the festival and all those who have been involved in the last hundred years.

Not For Any Price

The Haiti Connection

The Haiti Connection is a documentary that tells the stories of everyday heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to to leave an extraordinary and lasting impact to those in need. It is a story of hope for the future of Haitians and other victims of disasters around the world, and for a small community in Washington State, a tale of triumph.

Pedal-Driven: A Bikeumentary

United under cause to promote and protect our public lands; IMBA, Shimano, and Specialized have joined forces with the U.S. Forest Service and Northwest Emmy Nominated, Documentary filmmakers to provide a powerful advocacy resource not only for the mountain bike community, but local leaders, land managers, and policy makers that direct the future of our public lands.

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